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aquila del torre


The Cianis are unfailingly committed to making wine while respecting the environment in which the family lives and works. This well-integrated team with distinct, complementary characteristics makes Aquila del Torre an estate with a family feel yet perfectly at ease with the mechanisms of the evolving world market.

THE SOIL - "We believe we are the caretakers of the biodiversity that is present on our farm and we work the soil with respect and attention to preserve the natural inclination of the land."

BIODYNAMICS - "Our first certified organic harvest dates back to 2013. With its incredible biodiversity, this is exactly what the territory was demanding. Since 2015, we have followed the principles of biodynamic agriculture, distributing the main preparations during the year, using green manure and allowing the land to grow spontaneous grasses to increase soil fertility."

IN THE VINEYARD - The painstaking care and attention coupled with a pruning team with many years of experience ensure a constant quality in the cultivation of plants resulting in a fruit that perfectly expresses its territorial features and is ready to be transformed into wine. Animal traction is used to work the soil as this protects from over-compacting the earth, and to operate in small spaces and on vineyards that grow on slopes.

IN THE CELLAR - “Making wine whilst respecting the grapes and the land”. Uttermost care continues in the cellar with a respectful transformation phase in order to enhance the soil and climate characteristics of each vineyard. The modern and well-equipped multi-story cellar hosts all phases of wine production, from the sorting table to the pressing area. A room reserved to the natural drying of the grapes is located in the most moistureless and ventilated area of the cellar.