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melanie chester


Mt Alexander, Bendigo

2017 Ancestral Sparkling Rosé 
2016 Fairbank Viognier
2017 Fairbank Field Blend
2017 Fairbank Rosé 
2017 Fairbank Sangiovese
2017 Fairbank Syrah
2017 Fairbank Cabernet

2013 Estate Viognier
2016 Estate Fiano
2013 Estate Rosé
2016 Estate Syrah


Established in 1998 Sutton Grange Winery was born from a lunch with local wine hero Stuart Anderson who acclaimed the site as perfect for vine growing. Almost two decades on Sutton Grange Winery has cemented its position as one of Australia’s finest wine producers. A winery which is known for its stand alone rosé, acclaimed for its outstanding Syrah, and hailed for its experimentation in different varietals.

The Sutton Grange creed has always been to act and make decisions based on “the best interest of the farm”. Winemaking is no different. Melanie Chester (Chief Winemaker) leads the team to create wines that are the best expression of the Sutton Grange farm, pushing the boundaries of the property. They market under two brands, Fairbank and Estate. Fairbank, the name of the property in the 1800s, contains a portfolio of wines with freshness, brightness, and vibrancy. The Estate reflect outstanding Central Victorian wines including a collection of lesser known varietals that allow its portfolio to create wines that reflect its motto to “Stand Alone”.

shashi 2016.07 b.JPG


Merricks, Mornington

2016 AVANI The Earth Syrah
2015 AVANI The Earth Syrah

2017 AMRIT Pinot Gris
2017 AMRIT Pinot Gris (on skin) 
2017 AMRIT Chardonnay
2017 AMRIT Sauvignon Blanc
2017 AMRIT Pinot Noir
2016 AMRIT Pinot Noir


"Avani is an ancient Sanskrit word that means ‘the earth’.

Planted in 1987 on gentle north facing slopes in Red Hill South on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, our 4 hectare non-irrigated and low cropped vineyard is focussed on producing only cool-climate shiraz (syrah).

We employ biodynamic practices which enable us to focus on soil health, the protection of indigenous microbes and creating an environment of ecological self-sufficiency. Our winemaking approach is one of minimal interference; using wild yeast fermentation with no fining, filtration or pumping, creating a wine unique to our vineyard."

Shashi and her husband Devendra have been involved in the hospitality industry (owning and operating restaurants) on the Mornington Peninsula for the last 30 years. It was during this time that Shashi’s interest in wine was first sparked culminated with the purchase of an established vineyard in 1998.

Shashi having a grounding in Chemistry (having completed her Masters in Chemistry from MDU University in 1981) further completed a double degree in Viticulture & Oenology from Charles Stuart University.

In 2000, Shashi and Devendra collaborated with Phillip Jones of Bass Phillip Wines to make wines under the Wildcroft banner. However, it was in 2004 that Shashi began her wine-making apprenticeship working part time at the Bass Phillip winery (and full time during vintage). Over the next 8 years Shashi garnered significant winemaking experience as her role in the winery increased. This was an extremely busy period for Shashi as whilst working part time at Bass Phillip, she was also managing the viticulture at her own property.

The 2009 vintage was Shashi’s breakout year. It was the first vintage Shashi completed by herself under Phillip’s watchful eye at the Leongatha winery. It was in January 2012 that Shashi finally established her own winey at Red Hill South, with the 2012 vintage being the inaugural vintage on the property.

aller trop loin


2017 ATL Bendigo - Malbec
2017 ATL Syrah Syrah
2017 ATL Heathcote - Grenache
2017 ATL Yarra Valley - Cabernet Franc


aller trop loin is the cheeky sister label of Six Parallels South. Inspired by an errant footstep that went too far and ‘de-koshered’ a wine during Six Parallels South’s first vintage, winemaker Mark Sztar decided to use some good old fashioned chutzpah and put a pig (the most non-kosher thing there is…) on the wine’s label so there was no doubt as to its non-kosher status! After the said wine, a Yarra Valley Chardonnay, sold out in two months, Sztar began to think this may be a ‘silk purse from a sow’s ear’ moment and quickly set about finding some other varieties to make more ‘swine wine’ next vintage.

All aller trop loin wines see no oak and are bottled unfined and unfiltered, hence the label’s motto of ‘Unoaked. Unfined. Unfiltered. Unholy.’! The wines are left on lees until the day before bottling and with nothing added and nothing taken away, each wine tells a story of both vineyard and vintage. And whilst the signature wine for the label will always be its Yarra Valley Chardonnay (for sentimental reasons if nothing else…), they seek out interesting and alternative varieties for their other wines.

“Although it started from a mistake and was just a joke in the beginning, aller trop loin is now a producer in its own right. Because we are so restricted with our other label, we push the boundaries even more than usual with these wines... The aim is to craft wines that meet traditional winemaking and crazy, hipster winemaking halfway... We keep the wines nice and clean whilst still allowing them to show their individual personalities.”

the lost plot


It started with a chance meeting at a London Wine Show in 2005. Paul Old and Stuart Nix - two Australians living on the other side of the world who found a shared love of wines with character.

Paul Old has been making wine for his winery, Les Clos Perdus, in the Languedoc Roussillon region for the past 12 years, after studying Wine Science at Wagga Wagga. These wines in recent vintages have achieved a continued upswing of excitement and accolades for his wine making ability, with the wines receiving great critical acclaim by the world's leading wine critics. Les Clos Perdus is now considered one of the benchmark wineries within the Languedoc for creating well balanced and elegant terroir driven wine.

Prior to his winemaking career he achieved as many accolades as a dancer, starting at the Australian Ballet, before becoming one of Europe's leading male dancers after moving there in 1987, performing in London and globally. He now lives with his wife Deborah and two boys, Luca and Jordi, in the small village of Peyriac de Mer in South West France.

Stuart Nix became interested in wine pretty much as soon as he could afford to buy it. While working for years in the financial industry in Sydney, London and Singapore his sideline in studying wine has led him to push the boundary of wine appreciation to the level of business interest. He now lives in SIngapore with his wife Rachel and kids, Maya and Max.

Their ethos is to seek out that lost plot - to not stay bound to one place, to play with a variety of grapes, places, people, methods and to bring that collaboration to wine lovers.